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so i thought...'even though im not actually included on the info page *ahem* fix that *ahem* that i would make a little post for yall!'

...turns out i dont actually have much to say except:

  • me&tiff&ellis saw jesus duck today.
  • my house is so full of people and noise is driving me a bit uncle is actually possibly the funniest man alive[ not only does he own the brightest pair of blue socks i have ever seen in my life but hes probably the most intelligent person i know{he's a doctor of philosophy and used to be a lecturer at imperial college!!} yet he sits infront of the tv all day watching friends and will&grace!hahhaha]
  • i have a sty on my eye and a gnat-bite on my also taking water retention tablets which is making me pee like a fucking race-horse.
  • i have come to the conclusion that i am easily led and indecisive.
  • i am very excited about a certain friday at a certain free house!!! a 'selective' post shall be written at a later date to the elitest few who are invited.mwhahahaha!
  • tiffany is actually the devil and used to feed on people as a child
  • kate mentally damaged robert today
  • heather wishes terminal diseases on those she doesnt like...eeekk
  • prue was in school for a nano-second today
  • steph was horny for robert today and had to run to the toilets coz he touched her in business studies.
  • caroline started an msn convo with me and ignored her....HAHAHA only joking i wasnt at my computer!!

love to all my hoes and hoe bois [sp!?!]


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