Cheap Kate..... (lush_cheeks) wrote in phoneboxgirls,
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It's that time of year again...

Just a quick reminder for any phoneboxgirl who weren't there last night, or may have forgot through drunkedness.

Results are ready to be collected from 10.30, so we are meeting at 9.30am just inside Upminster Station, probably to collect alcohol from somewhere and get tipsy to calm our nerves.

Be there or be square.

[ Can't believe I just said that... ]

Anyone else really nervous?
And in all seriousness, what d'ya think you's girls have got results-wise?

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KATEEEEEEEEEEEEE i am shittin it i wish i knew today gah i just want to get it over and done with!!!!!!! *cries* its so weird but gotta remember not our finals like some people will be collecting them and for me their is always resits hee hee
i shouldnt laugh coz i no it will happen to me! :(
byebye my love and hopefully c u tomoz for a bit!
Lord it feels like i havent seen u in aaages,[all is explained in new post gah!!!] but i will be there..unsquare!woop!love u.